Tradesman’s is a grand, two-level 6,000 square feet space with an open layout on the first floor with 23 foot vaulted ceilings, large windows that open out to Chestnut and Juniper streets, exposed brick and historical detail in the original ceiling work. A mezzanine overlooks the main area on the first floor with tables offering the best seat in the house and amazing views.

Tradesman’s features a sweeping main bar, a secondary bar, kitchen, dining room and bathrooms on the first floor, with additional dining, bar and restrooms on the existing mezzanine.

The design for the main space is intended to create a modern, open, airy space on the currently dark south corner of Chestnut and Juniper, with corner entrance, large windows that open on to Chestnut and Juniper, and mezzanine windows overlooking Juniper — and the Wanamaker Building and soon-to-be restored Hale Building.



The Tradesman’s Trust building was erected in 1906, originally planned as a 12 story high rise, intended to complement the luxury buildings occupying the other three corners of the block- The Hale Building, Mint Arcade, and Wanamaker’s Grand Depot.  The Tradesman’s Trust folded in September, 1911, but the current inhabitable space retains many flourishes that will be retained and built upon in our construction, including stately marble edifice, terrazzo floors and theater-style relief ceilings in the first floor.



Craft Concepts Group is presented by Teddy Sourias and partners, and includes BRU Craft & Wurst, U-Bahn, Kontrol,  Finn McCool’s Ale House, Uptown Beer Garden, Cinder Copper & Lace, Tradesman’s, Tinsel holiday pop-up bar, Secret Soirée semi-monthly events, Craft Concepts New Year’s Eve, and CCG Catering. The collection of CCG restaurants, bars, beer gardens and pop-up concepts focus on showcasing and being a driver in the elevation of Philadelphia’s thriving craft beer scene. CCG works to also diversify craft beer and cider tastes by exposure to local, regional and national quality craft companies. CCG concepts are proud to pour one of the region’s most diverse craft lists that includes a wide selection of ciders and sours, rare and hard-to-find ales and IPAs, as well as exclusive beers and ciders made exclusively for CCG. Currently, CCG concepts are pouring up to 164 taps – with dozens more to come!  Craft Concepts Group concepts are proud members of Philly Loves Beer and collectively host dozens of annual events for Philly Beer Week. 

Currently pouring 164 taps – making Craft Concepts Group one of, if not the largest, number of taps pouring by a group or restaurant in the city of Philadelphia: 


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